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Yesterday was a bad day. Nothing worked, even the backup didn’t work anymore. When I pressed the pause button, the current scene was stopped, but suddenly all visited regions started to play… When I “unpaused” the current scene went on and all other audio was stopped. The second thing was a repeating (2x) error in […]

I made it! Regarding the annoying thing, that when you animate an UIButton, it won’t scale its image without jumps. After some research in the net, lots of people have the same problem, even in apple’s developer forum was no direct solution for that. So I left the UIButton but not the idea and created […]

Today I updated the layout with texture through the whole application. So I want to give it a more traditional, dusty look. Little fine tuning on controls, fonts, text was done and now… animation. I try to animate the Start button, so it gets smaller and changes place with the pause button. These buttons should […]

  This are first layouts for the screens of the “Scratch” application. (1-5 starting from top left to bottom right) 1) Startup screen with title and version number. The title “Scratch” scales and transforms to the place on screen 2. Meanwhile the version number and info fades out and screen 2 fades in. 2) Main […]

Save settings


I implemented a SettingsImporter class to read and write user settings from/in a file. There are not much data to save, just the value of the distance filter, its on/off switch, and a boolean to show if the program launches the first time to show a disclaimer view. To store this data into a simple […]

Today I implemented a zoom transition of the title, starting at startup from the middle of the screen until its on top of the screen, resized to fit as smaller header of the application. First I had to do some research in the documentation, because there are lots of different ways to do an animation. […]



After a modification, now the application loads the xml automatically in the background. So the view with the table list isn’t available anymore. I left it in the background for debug purposes, but won’t be visible in the final version. Also the standarized navigation bar on the top is not anymore there. It’s replaced now […]