Layout, Testing


Today I worked on further layout details for buttons and their click behaviour. The mainscreen shows only one button at startup so the user won’t be confused by controls. After the user pressed the “Start” button he/she has to wait until the phone as a good satellite fix. Then the first scene starts automatically and a “Pause” and “Stop” buttons appear on the bottom of the screen. So playback controls are on the screen only when they are useful, just to keep the interface simple and to avoid static layouts. Further I redesigned the gps settings view where’s only a slider for the distance filter and a short explanation of the settings. I’m working on saving the settings for later startups.
Field test
After a test with cloudy conditions, some bugs appeard in the playback logic. It needs some minor fixes to get the drama running as it was meant to be. But basically it works quite good.

Next steps: Design, saving settings, modifiy playback code


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