Layout and crashing the phone


First thing, when I tried to build and run a new version on the phone, was an error, telling me no iphone could be found 😦
I tried various resets, starting from xcode, cleaning the whole project and now resetting the iphone…
So I tried to push forward the design of the application. First a short startscreen to give little information what you’ve started. Meanwhile the xml could be read, but this has to be implemented (no big deal because the xml reader has its own thread anyway). Next is the mainscreen which will have max 3 big buttons. First to start the play and the others for playback control. Maybe an extra volume slider, but as you can control the volume very easily with the hardware buttons, it’s not necessary. The extra view to choose the mediascape won’t be included in the final version, because there’s at the moment only this play and it makes things easier for the user. The gps settings will be still there, but with other presets which will be more suitable for this play.

Next steps: restore the phone (timeconsuming when your phone was “freed”), implement startup with simultaneous xml reading, designing the layout


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