The drama works


Now since all bugs have gone, the drama works really good. I finished today the playback logic code, so the drama works correctly. Some modifications to the location info update were important, because at startup CLLocationManager had stored the last coordinates, and therefore initializing was sometimes little buggy. I solved this by an accuracy filter and compared the incoming location timestamp with startup time of the application. So the drama starts as soon as coordinates are accurate enough. Depending on the gps signal quality the phone starts after a few seconds. Today the first startup took about 15-20 seconds (agps) until the phone got a good satellite fix. (good weather, some clouds) Following startups went much faster (~3-10sec) as the phone’s gps chip stored the almanach of satellite positions.

Walking through the scenes gives a very fluent experience and as soon as I found my landmarks where a scene starts (this version is not dependent on a certain area), it is quite fun to interact with the story. Now there are boundaries between different drama places (e.g. you hear the door you walked through, atmos changes..) which gives the user a better understanding of his/her position between the scenes.
Some things need a little refinement:

  • fades between some atmospheres
  • an automatic gain adjustment of atmos during a scene
  • Next steps are: designing a user interface, trying various interaction possibilities (e.g. vibration when entering a scene), optimizing code


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